HTC Hero Android 2.1 Upgrade!

I have been waiting for sometime for my HTC Hero to have a firmware update from 1.5 to 2.1. This morning when I connect my phone to the internet, it prompted me for the update. I was surprise at first and later impressed with the update downloaded and install in my phone seamlessly all through my mobile broadband. And the best thing was all my data was intact after the installation. How cool is that?

I have to give credit to HTC for that!

HTC said that the upgrade to Android 'Eclair' would come in two parts. The first will be rolled out from this week and will be automatically detected by the handset's update checks (this is what I got and did). The second, which "will follow towards the end of the month", will wipe all data on the phone and therefore necessitate a user data backup, HTC said. So please note to update now before the second lest you lost your data!

More info here.


khengsiong said…
Android 2.2 is already out. It can turn a phone into Wifi hotspot. But I guess that will require hardware upgrade.

Show us what your phone can do!
LEon said…
Yep but my HTC hero only support 2.1 currently and that's a update so far. I was loosing my patience but thankfully HTC comes thru to their words after much delay. Better late than never I should say. So far so good.
Jack said…
Hi just would like to ask which service provider supports your Hero? i'm a hero user from starhub but have yet to receive my Éclair update :(
LEon said…
I am using Starhub too. Make sure your mobile broadband are on and if there is no prompt, you can go under phone setting under notification for updates and do a manual search. :)