Day 3 of Android 2.1 Update on HTC Hero

This is my day 3 using the new Android Éclair on my HTC Hero.

But here's something I discovered personally.

No more Keypad Calibrating
I could not find Keypad Calibrating option on my HTC Hero anymore. It's not that I need it since I calibrated during Android 1.5 before but for the new users maybe it would be helpful to them. oh well...

New Camera and Video software upgrade
They upgraded the camera and video software on the phone with more option but please note that since they upgraded the software, all the images and Video naming convention have been reset! I have overwritten some of my old photos by the new one as I copy them on to my PC! So do take note of you updated your phone.

If I discover more stuff, I will blog on it more.

By the way, if you have not receive Over-The-Air update of your Android 2.1 update on your HTC Hero, may you can try to change your the year on your date to 2011 and do another update search. It should work. The update of the firmware should be around 30 minutes depending on your broadband speed and your carrier.


Jack said…
Hi Leon, i cant seem to update my firmware. The only choice on my hero are: 'download automatically'; 'prompt before download' or 'never'. tried changing date to 2011 but update never came. any idea where i could get help? thanks in advance
LEon said…
Hi Jack

Do you see the option of system softward updates under the phone option. Make sure you checked on the schedule check option.

Set the date to next year, on and off the phone and on your internet connection. Hope that work for you.

BTw are you using a Singapore line?
Jack said…
Yes Leon i'm using Singapore line. sadly theres no such option in my phone.. guess i'll have to manually download it somewhere else. i'll contact starhub about it too.. thanks btw!
LEon said…
I think it has to do with your phone build number. You can head over to to check your phone Build number. Anything you can contact for help. Good luck!
Jack said…
Hey Leon! I just got my 2.1 update..its looking great! guess all I need to do is just wait after all.. Anyway thanks for ur help!
LEon said…
That is so good to hear that Jack. :)