Calibrate your keyboard on Android HTC Hero

As HTC Hero is my first smart phone, I had a hard time keying characters using touch screen. Accuracy is one thing that slow me down and frustrate me. The calibration option was not easily found either but once I found the calibrate keyboard option, everything start to change.

As different users have different way of keying text. Some uses one hand by thumb while some uses both hands like playing Gameboy. Whatever way you prefer just stick to the way you normally will key your text for consistency when calibrating the keyboard.

To go into calibrating mode choose the following.

Settings > Local & text > Touch Input > Calibration Tool

The calibration require you to type "the quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog" as it would cover all alphabets and start to remember the way you keys in your text location on screen.

Be warned that in any stages of calibrating and you press a wrong key, it will remember the error as a calibration and thus you will have to restart the whole calibration again. However once you done it well, your speed of texting will increase in proficiency.


khengsiong said…
It looks like touch screen keyboard is the future for all smart phones.

Thanks for your tips :)
LEon said…
Yes I think so Khengsiong. Not to compromise on screen size so it is a good solution. You owned a smart phone?
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