Cheap Phone, Good Phone

This week was a interesting week in the world of Mobile or Smart phone. There seems to be a limited in technology for the screen size to be bigger, camera to better and respond to be smarter. Most of the buzz goes to expecting excitedly for Samsung Galaxy S5 and SONY Xperia Z2 in the world of Android. Even Nokia finally bend for a Android phone. But in truth, what do general consumer want?

What do you want?

I cannot say for many but with the response on the recent Nexus 5 and Xiaomi phone, I can say the mass market want the following

Bigger Screen
Smart phone no longer are for just communication, much of it propose now was for entertainment not so much into Music but streaming video. So the size of the screen really matter.

Smooth response
Much of the high end phone usually come with their own application which over time take up your phone resources which you hardly use. Worst they do not allow you to close or uninstall the app. That was one reason I went for the stock Vanilla Android on my Nexus 5 phone. It was always responsive and the interface is smooth.

Decent Camera
You do not really need a high end mobile phone with lot of Mega pixel unless the camera comes with good lens. Most phone can take decent phone with good lightning. If there isn't enough lightning, even a DSLR will have issue to see noises in the photo.

Technology has come to a mature state in smart phone world where with a certain pricing you will get a decent processor phone. So if you can get the above criteria and the smart phone only need to be with you for the next 2 years (Since many changes phone about those period), why would anyone want to pay more?

I am glad there are phone like Nexus and Xiaomi that did some compromise to offer lower pricing but good feature phone. I am pretty sure these are the phone that will penetrate the mass market and moving the mass to get a more economic phone.

Maybe it just me but if there isn't much innovation that changes lifestyle, I am sure we will be able to see more economical phone in the days to come.

Do you agree?