Nokia Connecting People?

Back in the  late 1990s, there were 3 major mobile phone brands and there are Motorola, Ericsson and Nokia. Nokia was leading in term of consumer preference. Back then a mobile phone is good for SMS and phone call.

My first Mobile phone was a Nokia and it was handed down from my brother. It was a deluxe model 8810 a pretty old model by then in the early 2000.

I was so pleased with Nokia that I got my own mobile phone Nokia 6210 while returning the 8810 back to my brother. It was still in good working condition after close to 2 years of usage from my end. There wasn't much progression as affordable internet infrastructure was not really set up and the only way to assess internet you need to use WEP for simple text and small size 1 bit graphic.

My business with Nokia was rather short lived as less than a year later, the blooming of color screen and camera function from SonyEricsson kick in.Yes Sony has pair up with Ericsson and for the next few years, they were the leaders in mobile phone. With Sony experience in walkman (dawning of MP3 not to mention Napster) and technology of digital camera, it really create lot of love for people to start taking photos and listen to music.

Although Nokia was still a reliable brand, there was nothing really to shout about to me. All their design was similar with their iconic look and although they started to have color screen, the effect and camera function just cannot pair with SonyEricsson.

A couple of years later it was the dawning of smart phone which connect to internet and coming to age of social media. It was the time to go Android or iPhone. Sony started to move to Android and today they have their own Android phone and later as of now, Motorola having to release their own Android phone too.

It seems Nokia do not like Android and moved on with Windows 8 exclusively to them hoping Microsoft will pick up. We all know what happen in the market share.

I am not surprised Nokia sold itself to Microsoft as it was the only choice they have now. I do not forsee Microsoft will do more with that brand. In fact we may not be seeing the name Nokia in a year or two. But at least Nokia get some some money back and if the whole thing doesn't pick up, it is really on the hands on others and not them.

To me Nokia and blackberry are very similar. They do not like to try new things or at least follow the thread. If they would make earlier move to go to Android, maybe it would not be that bad.

The demand of mobile phone has change into ta lifestyle and personal product and now they are one intimate gadget. Now mobile phone is not only limit to business function but more on a personal usage to check email, communicate in messages, playing games, watching videos and searching for information.

It's funny I look at the tagline of Nokia at his Connecting People. To me, they have stop connecting people to what people wanted with their lifestyle demand. Maybe Nokia do not feel that way but I am certainly many of the consumer does and when consumer feel that way, you have a hard time to get them back to understand what you have in mind.

PS: Above articles are just purely from a consumer stand point.