Singapore get to see World Cup 2010

Previously many worried for Singapore not be able to watch World Cup 2010. Well the word is out that Singapore is finally having World cup. All that is a jointed effort from Singtel and Starhub venture to pay about US$15 million.

In 2006, it was believed that StarHub paid US$5 million for the telecast rights to the 2006 World Cup. After 4 years, US$15 million. Talk about inflation! I can't imagine how much will it be for 2014 World Cup. (Source )

How important is World Cup to Singapore? Some many take day off during important matches, Neighbourhood Coffee shop gathering and make loud cheers in the middle of the night and to top it off, it has been a topic that talked about during the recent Singapore Parliament by some minister.

Well you can say they are lots of Football lover but do they play football? No. More like a spectator sport which most put their money into it. Maybe that is why it is important ?

Not for me. I was never affected by World cup... wait...I guess I am affected when someone shouted GOAL!!! when I am sleeping and it is not in my home but by the distance neighbors.


khengsiong said…
Productivity will drop during that period, except probably in the neighborhood coffee shop.
LEon said…
You are so right. LOL