No World Cup viewing for Singapore?

Not too long ago, SINGTEL and StarHub had bid for the exclusive right to broadcast the coming World cup individually and failed. As the world cup is drawing near, SINGTEL and StarHub finally joined strength together to get the rights to broadcast. However even if they were awarded the rights, only four matches will be broadcast. There are the opening game between host South Africa and Mexico on June 11, the semi-finals on July 6 and 7, and the final on July 11.

According to the news source: Not even the free-to-air telecasts of four critical games will be shown here if the telcos fail to secure the rights from football's world governing body Fifa - at a reported $100million.

Now 100 million is a big sum of money. Do you think it is too high like a milking machine?

Personally I am not really a soccer fan and I feel the benefits are no more sleepless night and everyone is able to preform their day activity such as study or work. LOL


khengsiong said…
If that's the case, I expect many Singaporeans to come over to Malaysia just to watch World Cup.
LEon said…
Yes Khengsiong, this is very likely move for some Singaporean. Good for Malaysia hotels. :)
kiazhi said…
I believe that is a good start to show FIFA that they cannot pull our nose. If they are charging us at such a ridiculus price for boardcasting, we might as well don't watch it.

Since we don't even have a Singapore Team in the World Cup at all, why should the rest of the world pay lesser.

For those who are gamblers or fans out there, go to the internet and watch it. There are always helpful people out there in this world that is streaming the matches online.

For Singtel and Starhub, good job and I will support you on this decision.
LEon said…
Well you are right that if we stop watching soccer, they won't earn any money from us.