Five Facebook Users sueing Facebook

Just heard the news that five facebook users is suing Facebook for being a data-mining operation and failed to deliver on promises to give users strict control of data uploaded to profile pages.

Here are the summary of the cases:

One female Facebook user who joined in the in an early phase when membership was limited to the college crowd felt betrayed by evolving into an open social network that now claims more than 250 million members worldwide.

Other plaintiffs named in the suit are identified as a photographer and an actress who contend Facebook is wrongly sharing pictures posted on their profile pages.

The remaining plaintiffs are young boys that the suit charges should not have been permitted by Facebook to join or post images or comments without any viable tool to confirm ages of those creating accounts. One 11-year-old boy who joined Facebook posted that he had swine flu and uploaded pictures or video of "partially-clothed" children swimming, according to the lawsuit.

Read the complete news here . I foresee more of these in the days to come.

Indeed facebook can do more to protect the interest of the member. Not too long ago, facebook allow third party developers to use member profile photograph to advertise to the member's friend for the third party's products. To prevent that, members have to setting their setting personally to pirvate. Here's the steps to protect third parties using your photograph to sell their products to your contacts.