Original Michael Jackson Dangerous Cassette

This is it! This is the curtain call for my Michael Jackson cassette collection. This is the last cassette I got for myself. It's bad, it's Dangerous! Bwoa!

With all my heart, this is the best looking design of MJ of all times in my opinion. The dark and circles looking arts suited it well.

This is the only album that MJ did not show his whole face. Only his dramatic looking eyes.

So what are the goodies in this cassette? Once again it is the cover fold from the cassette with the wonderful grand looking clip arts with circles theme.

Here is MJ'swriting, The Dance

And here is a MJ thank you speech found inside. Click on the picture to read from the full resolution.

So that is all for my personal Michael Jackson Cassette collections. I recall getting this cassette with a A2 size Dangerous sticker poster during my purchase. Somehow I misplaced it. :(

I was fortunate to attend his Dangerous Tour in Singapore back in 1993. It was a dream came true.