Michael Jackson Dangerous World Tour Collectibles

This is a limited edition Michael Jackson Dangerous World tour booklet back in 1993. I found this when I was doing my housekeeping over the weekend. I got it as a souvenir.

In A3 size, this booklets have some of his achievement, interviews and lots of colorful photos. I'm going to share some of it.

Some of his closed-up shots in Black and White, Adulthood and childhood photos side by side. Hm...

Some of the write-up.

I like how this photograph was taken. Remind me of his MTV "The way you make me feel".

Here is his Signature pose from "Billy Jeans". Famous for the "Moon Walking".

Another Signature moments but I think that was between "Thriller" and "Bad"... I think that appear in "Man in the mirror"...

At one corner of the booklet, I find this interesting picture. A photo taken with Japanese student.

Taken from his "Black or White" MTV.

It ain't hard for me to "JAM". MJ vs MJ (Michael Jordan).

"Keep it in the closet" was hot with naomi campbell inside.

Something you don't see everyday. Visit to Africa.

I found this in the booklet.

Yes it is the Dangerous World Tour Ticket in 1993. I actually save up to go for his concert. It is really a one kind experience. Like it or not, he was the King of Pop in his era.
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