G-Shock 35th Anniversary series Glacier Gold Collection

This Casio G-Shock 35th anniversary series theme with Gold and Ice is amazing!
There are 4 of them in this series appealing to different type of G-Shock lovers.

The more Shiny gold plated are with the DW-5035E-7 and DW-5735E-7. These 2 model are the classic digital interface of Casio in the digital days. The bezels and bands of both watches are having a straight clear look.

GA-735E-7A GA-835E-7A would appeal to people who like to see the hands of the clock with analog look. However the color of the Gold would be more to rose gold theme with the bezel and band more translucent looking.

On photo they look amazing. Have to see the actual watch which would be out in September 2019 in Japan.

Can't wait to see the actual watch before deciding to get one or not.