Photoshop Menus and Icons too small on Windows 10

I have just upgraded my OS to Windows 10 and the recommended display was set to 1280 x 1024. When I open my Photoshop, I released the icons become too small as currently Monitor were made in higher resolution.

The root cause is that application while designed on Windows was in actual DPI. Since the screen was set to higher DPI, the icons and the windows of the application were scale to higher DPI as well.

Thankfully Windows 10 have a quick solution to correct that.

Here are the step.

1. Right click on your desktop and select Display Setting.

At the Display screen, select the screen that is having that issue (assuming you have more than 1 monitor). Go under Scale and layout as that is for your application resolution was set to 100%. You can set to 125% or 150% and you can instantly see the windows application change on bigger icons.

If that is still not enough, you may click on custom to set your resolution for the App.

Do note currently this scaling apply to all application. There is no custom application scaling (although that would be useful). However that should resolve your icon for windows in the application being too small.

Below are real scale of the icon scaling. The right is a bigger scale that was how it was suppose to be before I upgrade my PC.

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This solution also work for Windows Office application and such.

Stay tune for more useful tips!