Goodbye Feedjit

My Feedjit plug in is no longer working since this morning...

I have been using Feedjit for years and it was one of the plug in I used on this blog. It provide LIVE data of who visit the site and where they came from.

Originally I thought it could be just some downtime but after a few hours, I decided to have a look. I got an error 410.

Going to the official site , it show this sweet short message.

In their Twitter account it was indicated it has to do with recent European GDPR requirement...

The move of closing down came so sudden and personally sad to see this service is no longer available.

All I have to say to Kelly and Mark is a big Thank you for your work that you guys have done for blogging community provided for free.

It is still sad to see another useful and relevant tools to be gone.

Goodbye Feedjit!