Disposable Camera Still Exist

On my last trip to Japan, I found something that bring back some memories. I cannot believe it these are still on sales.

It is FujiFilm disposable Camera!

These was spotted at a departmental store at one corner. Apparently FujiColor edition disposable camera is a limited edition for their 30th Anniversary edition!

It comes with FujiColor film loaded inside with flash and batteries. It comes with 27 film roll! I was so tempted to get one of it since it was 980 Yen.... Not too sure when this is send to develop will I still get to keep the shell. Thus I gave it a missed.

On the shelves there are other FujiFilm disposable Camera selling at 680 Yen.

And all the way by itself, I spotted a ILFORD Black & White Camera selling at 1,540 Yen. Apparently Black & White film are more costly...

Not too sure how long actual film going to be in the market but apparently there are photographer who prefer Film than digital.

What do you think of Film and Digital?