Xiaomi Mi Headphone Review

Just this Tuesday Xiaomi was having their anniversary the Mi festival and they roll out their first ever headphone, Mi Headphone. I managed to get one to try it our myself. My online queue up helps and within 3 days of my order, it was delivered to me in Singapore.

The device came in a white rectangle box with nothing much on it.

The headphone comes in a well soft foam box with the headphone in it .

Interesting you would notice the cable was not fixed fitted on the headphone. For the left it is in White while the other was Red.

You may want to notice it comes with a volume control with a mic in it.

The headphone allow folding for simple storage on the go...

The top of the hanger are made of soft leather looking that give good cushion of the weight of this headphone.

It offer good coverage adapter like the twin that used on airline while the bigger one is more on Audio Hifi .

All you need to do is simply insert the cable in color coded.

If you wondering how would you tell the left or right, the wording was applied on the headphone cushion.

This is an open headphone which mean if you play loud enough, what you are hearing.

There a number of option for the ear cushion. which you can turned the accessories.

Here is how the naked speaker look like.

With that you can replace it to a sponge cushion...

Fitting the headphone with sponge cushion is good but I prefer the original that come with it as I find it too hard and after long period of wearing it get heavier....

It also come with the over ear option which cut out most of noises and seems comfortable initially....

After an hour wearing this option, I find the temperature of the ears is increasing and I have let it air for awhile.

For the price of SGD $119 this headphone I find it worth it as the sound quality is good.