PS4 Remote Play on Non-Sony Android device

When I got my PS4, I read something about Remote Play and that at first got me excited as that would certainly be helpful if I am at home and want to play my PS4 but other family member are watching the TV.

It was short lived when I read further that feature of Remote play only for Sony Android phone. However that don't seems to be the case for now.

The latest Remote play APK can be download at the following link allow most of the Android 4.2 to 4.4 devices to have this feature of remote play.  I have try it on my Non-rooted Android phone and it works!

*Working on Redmi Android 4.2

The speed of the smoothness very much depend on your internet connectivity of your PS4 and your mobile phone. I original thought the connection was direct in a local network but I was wrong. What it does was the Android phone connect the PS4 thru the world wide web (internet).

That mean you can be away from home and still connect your PS4. I have not try playing any game thru the app as I know my connectivity seems unstable on my end.

It kind of missed my expectation like the connectivity should be more of the intranet so the speed is faster and anyone can play at home when someone want to watch the TV while you are playing.

*PS4 Shadow of Mordor on Remote play

I am not certain how beneficial this App is if it did go thru the internet or other gateway that may reduce the speed.

You may try it out and see if that fit your need.