Android Apps to Mosaic or Censor Photo

This is a part 2 of a App on Android I am using as the last app post on censor photo was quite out of date.

Today the Apps I am sharing is Pixelot which does nothing but censoring part of photo you took on your Android phone.

Now this Apps offer FREE but limited features but good enough for most user who want just somethings in their photo to be masked.

First it offers direct camera where you use camera to take a photo and straight away you can select which section you want to apply the Mosaic or you can go into gallery of your devices to select a picture to apply the masking.

Once you select a picture, you will see it in the layout

There are different Mosaic to choose from but for FREE version, only the square and that is good enough for basic.

Once you select the type, you can select how many pixel size of the Mosaic. If you need to censor more, you can select the bigger value. However in censorship, it is best to choose a good enough Mosaic size so you can retain more of the whole photo looks but do let people to make out some information.

Once you are ready, you can use your finger to draw out the part you want to censor. As you move your finger along, you can see there is a line following your finger path. Once it is in complete loop, that area within the loop would be Mosaic.

It would look like the following as I censored the barcode of the product. 

In cases you want to undo, you can only choose on Revert as it will reset to the original photo stage. If you like what you did, you can click on Save.

You can use more advance features if you decided to purchase the Apps. You may try it out for FREE.

You can get on Google play to get that Apps here

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