My Melody TakaraTomy Self-powered Fan

As the weather get hotter into the Summer, we really need some device for cooling off. One simple way is to fold a fan and fan yourself. However not long ago there was self-powered fan where one just need to power a fan yourself instead of having it run by AA or AAA batteries.

Here is one that is popular with the ladies. A Sanrio My Melody self-powered fan by TakaraTomy.

Isn't TakaraTomy produce toys in general? Yes, this is consider a toy fan.

This fan is activated by squeezing using one hand of the wrist. Just squeeze and let go and the blade will start spinning.

The fan speed is quite decent. You just have to be consistence in your rate of squeezing.

One of the selling point is having My Melody with this pink color fan. Surely fans of My Melody would get it.

Be careful though not to operate it close to your face or hair.

The list price is SGD$10. If you are interested, drop us a comment or email and we will arrange one for a limited time only.

It's Green and clean!