Monopod Selfie Review

I have been considering to get a Monopod for better Selfie for sometime. Sometime it is quite difficult to hand someone my camera or mobile phone to take some shot that I wanted to be in. And so I did.

I got a Monopod and a mobile phone adapter as there are all available over any online seller with reasonable pricing.

The mobile phone holder operate as a spring to hold the mobile phone into position.

Just make sure when you clip it on, it will not rest on any buttons and it should be fine.

The Monopod when folded is around 200mm but when fully extended it is around 1000mm. You can adjust any length between that depending on which angle you want to shoot.

This Monopod allow you to screw into any standard camera base. Just make sure your camera is not those which are too heavy like DSLR. For mobile phone, it should be fine.

Once tighten the screw, you can adjust any angle you wanted which much depending if you are using the front or back camera of your mobile phone.

Most of cause would choose the front camera which one can see from the screen how it would turn out to be. The disadvantage is most mobile phone have lesser quality and function compare to the back camera....

Here is a shot of myself when I fully extend the monopod. You can see the angle is quite wide. The bad thing is that you can see the monopod which I am holding on to. 

With training, user will learn to master it which for me need to do more selfie training.

You can set a timing function on your mobile phone or get a remote control for that. I would be doing a review later on the remote for this to add on.

Meanwhile do consider if you need a Selfie as if you have a big group, you want to take everyone in it, it's a good tool to have.

Feel free to comment and add on if this Monopod works for you.