Mi In-Ear Headphones Review

Ever since I heard there was a Mi in-Ear headphone, I am curious and wanted to get one to go along with my Xiaomi Redmi phone. After some waiting, finally managed to get what I wanted.

I got this at Xiaomi website direct and this headphone comes with aluminum casing and the sound is more than I can tell apart.

The design of the casing offer a good place for all the 3 parts and Re-useability for travel.

At the back of the accessories having IMORE DESIGN and it is comfortable to hold. The best part there is a tip that allow you to pull the cable out in cases you cannot reach it.

There are volume increase and decrease design and a button to allow to mute your voice instantly.

A plus point is at the bottom of the casing, it offer a clip to keep the wire near to your shirt and 3 sizes of ear plug for the users.

For the price of SGD$19.99, I cannot complain anything about it. The user experience and the first packaging opening is a good. Doesn't really feel it is a economy product and gave a fair quality than one should expect at those pricing.

Since I have a Redmi, it make sense to get the official earphone to go with it. :)

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