Xiaomi Redmi Basic Camera function

As a Redmi user, I want to do a review on the camera function on this wonderful budget phone. I think I want to set a correct expectation regarding the camera function. Knowing this is one of the budget but packed with goodies function, the camera has nothing much to shout about. However it do give you some decent results and functions.

Here are 5 basic option menu found on the menu of the camera app that comes with Xiaomi. There are the Panorama, HDR, Audio activation, Filters and Setting option.

I will not go into Panorama as this for familar mobile phone would know the function append various shot to create a smooth transition to one Panorama photo.

I will go thru the HDR which is a digital built function that most mobile phone also have. Here are 2 photo taken by HDR ON and the other HDR off.

You should see more details in clarity on the HDR mode such as the glossiness of the color label.

One challenge of photography is taking selfie where you have to use the front camera which is lower in pixel quality. There's where the Audio activation comes in. Once you set to that option, you can shout to the camera at a distance and it will count down to 3 seconds to take the photo giving you enough time to do some decent pose.

There are 6 additional LIVE filter that you can choose to do some special effect for creative reasons. I cannot say it is not helpful for you never know who and what people want to take. Here are the 6 different filters applying LIVE on the phone screen. 

In Setting mode, you have various option to select from ranging from Focus mode, Anti Banding, Saturation of the photos, Sharpness, Contrast, Burst mode and the face detection. 

End of the day, Redmi camera and the basic camera app that comes with it is decent. If you do not like the camera app, there are other Android apps you can get in Google Play.

Personally I find it is alright in term of responsive and start of loading. Here is one general shot taken by Redmi. You can see the colors and details.  

I will do a review of Redmi with Nexus 5 in my next post for you to see the difference and up to your eyes to be the judges.

If you like this review and want to comment, please do so. I want to hear from you too.