My Xiaomi Redmi

There is a wind of change coming to the mobile world and it is a delight to all consumer. It is Xiaomi Redmi. A budget smart phone but pack with decent technology and user friendliness.

Due to the low price, I decided to get it just to use it and maybe pass it to my kid as spare.

Getting this Xiaomi Redmi is not easy. It is sold online and only open for order at certain period although there are other sources selling but getting direct is the cheapest and it is a good experience due to the hype.

The package as deliver direct to me via UPS and the box is very environment friendly and simple. Using just plain card board, the package don't look cheap to me. In fact I like such simple design.

Open the top cover and the Redmi is visible in neat presentation. At this point, I think it is proper to credit Apple for their iPhone way of packaging which set a standard in Mobile packaging presentation. Xiaomi did use such presentation and packaging standard on this phone.

Every items are neatly packed even the instruction sheets. But the difference is that every paper packaging including the instruction sheets are recycle paper. No fancy stuff but environment friendly. I like!

The uniqueness of Xiaomi was they are generous in putting more. One of which is double sim card. One may argue how many are using that? is there such a demand? The answer is yes. This could be used for Business phone and personal phone. Such configuration are popular in China. Like it or not, giving such option allow more value. Telco should be happy as you will get more customers by more line subscribers. I mean who would mind to have such feature with the same price even you do not use it?

Thoughtfulness is what  count. In cases you maybe having a Micro Sim, Xiaomi threw in 2 Sim card convertors so to enable micro sim users to switch over easily.

Although the price was at SGD$169.00, the phone do not look cheap. It has fast response time and smooth transition from apps to apps. Now there are some iPhone users looking at Xiaomi interface and spotted the similarity. 

Personally I believe  technology is to be shared and if some take reference and make it better, it is better for consumers. Remember technology is to service and improve mankind. Don't be jealous if others took part of your idea and make it better. You can make it better too.

Xiaomi has it's own customize theme of desktop and apps and they provide cloud backup for free for now. I truly see a potential of growth in this community. This fella will bring about a game changer in mobile world as this is what mass market want in a phone.

Meanwhile I will explore and share more on Xiaomi Redmi. I will certainly share more of my finding in time to come.

That being said, I am still using my Nexus 5. Maybe I will do some comparsion between Nexus 5 and Redmi. Follow me and we will find out more!