How to Prepare for Xiaomi Purchases Online

I admit shopping is emotional especially for Xiaomi phone as they only sell direct on their site open at certain timing. They have a reputation to sold out the stock within minutes. However getting one for yourself is not impossible. What you need is to be prepare.

Connection Matters 
During that short time gap, the web traffic on that xiaomi webserver will be very jam. You cannot do much on that but you can ensure you are using a fast and reliable internet connection on your end. I do not recommend you using mobile web access as that very much at the mercy of the base station. If you can get a home Lan line that would be better. In offices Lan line the traffic will very much control by your office network.

Be at the Right Place at the Right time
First get the right timing of the actual sales time. Even thought we are talking about Singapore timing, we need to know is your watch or system clock or server clock on your device is the correct timing. So if you can, always camp early.

You need to go to the correct page too. Do not linger at the front page of Xiaomi and wait for it to refresh as it will not. The correct page is the actual product page you want to buy. Try to be that page 10 minutes before hand to do some administration matters.

Login in Early
What login in am I talking about? I am talking about Xiaomi account and Paypal account (if you using it). You need Xiaomi account created so you can complete your purchase. So do so early before the sales timing and login in to get ready.

Adding into your Shopping Cart is not equal you already secure your purchases
So the sales has started and you are adding your phone and accessories into your shopping cart. Don't be surprise if you take too much time, at the end of your checking out it show out of stock. Yes that could happen and it happened to me before.

The amount of phone and accessories are sold every time someone check out their shopping cart. You utmost  objective is to get to check out as early as possible.

Know what you want
You should know what you really want before the sales begin. Do not take too much time to browse and decide while you are deciding, someone would have got the phone and accessories needed. I do recommend go straight to bundle offers if you are into accessories and you should decide you want what type of screen protector by then.

Remember the objective is to check out the cart ASAP!

It is normal to face a few unsuccessful checkout
Do not panic. Hardly anyone check out successfully the first time. All you need to do is to stay calm and try again. The traffic will be jamming but you can get thru if you persist.

You have to be sure in the first place you have added your purchase into your cart and it is still there. You may refresh the page to see the cart items again. Do not make the mistake thinking your items was wipe off and add again as you check out you have duplicated items.

If you have paypal account already login before you go into Xiaomi sales, you will have a smoother experience. Once your transaction done, you just need to wait for your email and wait for your delivery within Singapore for the next few days.

A friendly advice is to buy what you need and try to be considerate as if you want to buy for to reseller later, chances are you will burn yourself. That few dollar earning is not worth it and you have rob of some end user who want to get the phone for someone special...maybe someone who do not own even a smart phone.

I hope by sharing my experience and tips, you are more prepared and in turn hope you can share this pointers to others to come as you just need to be successful for one time to get the phone.

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