Dyson Air Multiplier or Blade-less Fan

I have seen this Blade-less fan for some time but only recently my family got one.

I searched the internet to find out how does this fan work and found the following video (without audio)

One of the main feature was the easy of cleaning. That mean no more unhook the fan meshes and clean the blade on the traditional fan. But does that mean it is Zero cleaning?

Actually in the manual it stated the part that do need cleaning of the top and the also the bottom.

You can see the need of cleaning the air outlet.

Basically the fan start out with sucking the air below to push the air up to the circular part of the fan.

Which mean you have to clean this part really carefully as this is the part the air will be suck in while the top circular part does not need so much attention.

What about the power consumption? There wasn't any official specs found in the manual and either was there written in the official website. I found the following at another site who did measure it using 120.5V. The power consumption between 2 to 31Watts and if you need it to Oscillation another 2Watts more. A normal fan is around 30 watts so it is around there and cannot conclude it is more Green in energy.

This fan currently cost 4 to 5 times or more than the traditional fan. What matter now is to see how long the fan can still preform. My household fan is ON every night and a traditional fan normally last me for 3 to 4 years or sometime more.

Dyson fan provide a 2 year warranty in Singapore. As this fan is new to technology to me, I have to keep a close eye on this fan preformance in days to come.