Wireless Charging

Many talk has been going on for Wireless charging. First impression when I heard about this, it was fascinating to me as I was thinking I can continue to use my phone while it is charging from wireless energy from the air. Little do I know how far I missed from the current technology limitation.

In order to have wireless charging to happen, you need a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver mostly are referring to the phone if they have the wireless reciever built into the battery compartment. In cases it does not have, you may source around if there are such adapter for your phone model.

Do note that there are different specs in the Wireless Receiver. You may need to match the voltage and current to match your charging.

If you are trying to get a Wireless charger, please check if it is according to the Qi standard.They comes with different shape and sizes. Just find one that suit for your phone.

Wireless charging you need to place the device at the correct position for optimum charging. If in between the layering is thick, it would take longer to charge the device. So if you have an additional chasing on your mobile phone, it may obstruct some of the charging power.

What happen will be the Charger will transmit Wireless energy and the wireless receiver will received the energy and convert it as charging power to the battery unit of the mobile phone.

While some after this understanding of how wireless charging works, they may turn away to go back to cable charging as it is more straight forward. However one has to consider that cable charging may affect the cable connection for a long run as you have to plug in and out. Most of the failing rate has to do with that cable connector.

Although Wireless charging has it limit as it is a new technology, it would be beneficial to give it some time for this technology to mature and hopefully in the near future charging can be easier as most may want to be charge over the air with no limits.