Nexus 5 Review Day 3: WiFi Charging

WiFi charging is one of the feature I want to try on my Nexus 5 as it already come with the capability to accept WiFi charging without any other add on except of course the WiFi charger.

With my limited budget, I got a WiFi Charger to try it out.

This WiFi charger was stated to be compliance with Qi standard

There were discussion if WiFi charging is an efficient charging as the power turn to WiFi and WiFi back to current to charge the internal battery. My base question would be how long does it charge my Nexus 5.

So I did an experiment with my timer of 10 minutes with my Nexus 5 at ON state without mobile or WiFi activation. That mean if someone call in, I still can pick it up.

After 10 minutes of charging, the battery indicate that the device has charged to 7%. That isn't too shabby.

Some pointed out the best way to charge the lithium battery was not for it to go real flat but around 20% and to charge to 80% for longer battery life. For me I charge it to 100% with my phone off with WiFi charging.

Just like any charging with cable, the device do generate heat in some way but nothing to be too concern.

WiFi charging is a great alternative if you want to reduce plugging in the cable to charge every time that may result in running the risk of the mini-USB damage point in long run.

So far I am loving WiFi charging.