Nexus 5 Review Day 1

This is my first Google phone and I get this phone out of curiosity.

I went through  quite a length to get this phone as it is currently not selling in Singapore. Thank to a friend, I finally got hold of it.

The selling point of Nexus 5 was a budget phone with high end processor and the latest Android OS 4.4 Kitkat. For my Nexus 5, it was suppose to be selling at USD$399 for 32GB capacity. Out of America because of taxes, it was not really consider as cheap as it should be. I cannot imagine if this is selling in Singapore officially...

Well that being said, if you intend to get the US set to be used in Singapore. Do not do it as the mobile data seems to be different. Getting the Asia set would be more fool proof (India, Japan, HongKong, etc).

Getting a phone that is not selling in Singapore could be a pain as there not only does not have the warranty but getting accessories like screen protector or casing is almost impossible. Thus don't be surprise if you see I still have the original screen sticker on this review. I am waiting for the screen protector from oversea to arrive.

The hands on experience of Nexus 5 is great as it is light in weight, the feel of the back cover was good and most of all the response of the movement thru Apps and screens are so fluid.

The stock or some call it vanilla Android was something I have to get used as it is very basic and stripped down. Nonetheless it was better as I am tired of having a phone which slow down in loading and switching from Apps to Apps.

I calculated to cost for switching to this phone as most review said the camera and battery life was not ideal. It turned out that the quality of the camera although in 8 Megapixel isn't that bad after updating Kitkat 4.4.2 which came out just a few days ago.

* Yes I have not take out the sticker on the lens yet.

Why am I showing the following photo? Is to show that this phone is from LG and it is made in Korea and that would be rather reassuring to some extend right?

My first experience of Nexus 5 was not to open up the phone but to insert the micro SIM into the phone. For that you need a special tools. It reminded me of iPhone. That lead me to think is the tool are in the same way can be use on the Nexus 5. The answer is No. Although the concept is similar, the size is different. Take a look.

Now there are news that the Nexus 5 has kind of improve some parts in the newer set. One of it was the hole at the base was larger. This improvement was to improve both mic and speaker volume.

From the look of my set, it was the older one. It was told the if your serial number begin with 311 and above, it is the improved version.

Mine was 310 so should be the older batch.

I have no complain on both the mic and speaker as I did a couple of phone call and play some music from the speaker. No issue so far.

As for battery life, I am still observing the usage to conclude. What I can share was the following Day 1 of my usage since it was a new phone, I never let it to be it's own. Here is the battery usage for you to judge yourself.

I have to be fair that maybe the battery was still new and not fully charge or optimize.

I will share more in the days to come as I just the phone more.

So far I am quite please with this phone. Let's see how it is in days to come.