Nexus 5 Review Day 2: Battery Life

I am into my first week of usage...well not really a complete week yet. I have been hearing mixed review on Nexus 5 battery consumption. Now I know everyone has their own lifestyle in usage but not much review on an individual usage on the battery duration.

So I decide to share my finding on Nexus 5 using stock 4.4.2 Kitkat started my day with a full charge overnight with power off. So when I wake up, I power up my Nexus 5. Time to start my day.

Here is my battery consumption around my lunch hour at remaining 56 percent of battery left.

You can see above in the beginning of the day I have a higher screen time as on my traveling I was browsing the web using mobile data in 3G and doing some social media stuff.  That take quite a lot of power. When in office I just check my phone once awhile. 

Four hours later, I was knocking off my work, the battery level goes to 38 percent as I did some interaction, checking email and stuff.

You can see more power being drained as I was using intensively again on my way back to home from office.

So around 8pm, my Nexus connected to WiFi is about 10 percent battery level left.

So what is the conclusion? I think the information capture to day is not far from my expectation as I did use around 5 hours of intensive usage on mobile data.

Do note that I did not charge my phone in the office on that day as I want to see how far it goes. Usually with my old Galaxy S3, I would have charge using USB from my laptop while I was working.

So it is pretty decent to me for the battery.

What do you think?