Danboard 6000mAh Powerbank

If you a person on the Go and surfing the net as you go, it is essential for you to get a Power bank just in case you run low on battery. There are many shape and sizes of power bank in the market and here is one which I think will be popular.

Introducing Danboard Power bank from Cheero Power Plus.

You may have seen Danboard character before as he has followers on it model kits and toys.

The power back is 6000 mah which equate to be able to charge a iPhone 2.5 times of power cycle. The package will come with power bank, exclusive bag for the power bank and micro USB charging cable.

The power bank will come with it's own cardboard box like the following picture.

It has a micro USB charging outlet for 1A or 2.1A.

One feature is that there are power indicator by the color of the Danboard eyes. With the color LED indicator, you will know how much power you still have it.

You may find this gadget on sale in Japan Amazon ranging from 3250 to 4980 Yen.

If you want a power bank, why not get one with style and fun?