Wii Mini, Nintendo Strike Back.

Many may laughed at Nintendo for not being innovative but personally I think they are simply brilliant in their marketing to sell their existing technology to another group of lower budget consumer.

Like the Mini Wii which will be selling only in US market regardless they just announced to discontinue the old Wii in Japan and Europe especially before Christmas. Even the set of the MiniWii is in Red which is so Christmas theme.

Now Wii has some good titles such as Wii Fit, Mario Kart and other great party fun titles. Regardless of the graphic, it is family friend and simple gaming.

The Mini Wii will not be able to connect to Internet due to the fact they remove the WiFi. It has a USB port but there isn't anymore SD drive. Mini Wii also remove HDMI and component cable but back to the old AV and Audio connection (Red, Yellow and White) and support only 480P but not an issue since the graphic is pretty basic.

Now with all that in mind, the killer price is at USD$99.00 bundle with Mario Kart game in it releasing in December! Instant buy and play!

Remember if the new set is sold, it mean the old games will be still selling in numbers too! With all that in mind, this certainly is a great pull factor for those who want fun game console to play.

Yes Microsoft and Sony can push their new Technic console with high cost but Nintendo just sell the same old technology at a minimum cost while still earning and giving the old console the second life.

That being said, Nintendo would need to be innovative for new product to come. The WiiU isn't that great awesome though...