My Sony Walkman

Here is my trustful Walkman which accompany me when I was a teen and it is one of the gadget I kept for sentimental reason even till today.

This is my first Sony Walkman which not only can Auto Reverse but having FM/AM radio with Analog adjustment.

Now you maybe wondering what is Auto Reverse and what is that for? Well back then music are play no on CD but cassette tape.Back then if you want to listen to Music, you can either turn on the radio or play an album which is in cassette form.

A cassette has both side which we called Side A or Side B. If you do not have the Auto Reserves feature, when the cassette play finish side A, you have to open the cassette compartment and switch manually the cassette tape to the other side.So having Auto reverse is a super feature.

This walkman only need one AA battery to operate and it will play a decent hours at least 4 hours of music.

As for the AM/FM radio, you need to manually adjust the nob to get the frequency of the radio wave.  Digital search and adjustment only comes later in the CD player era.

If you are just listening to radio, one AA battery can last you a very long time like a day non stop.

Some of the basic button on the Walkman are Open which also know as Eject button, Play button to start playing the cassette, Stop  and forward and reverse winding. 

As the cassette are run on analogue, in order for you to listen to the next song before the next, you have to use the fast forward features. Such forward or rewind are done by estimation unless your walkman comes with a counter. Then you just need to forward or rewind till the reading of the next song and it should be alright.

The volume is controlled by the turning of a rolling disc and this version of Sony comes with Mega Bass which offer you three mode between Normal, Mid and Max. Depending on songs, I will switch the bass from one to another.

You have to flip a switch to choose between Cassette Tape mode or Radio.

This walkman offer a record button provided your cassette are set to write to record voices or songs.

There are few basic manual maintance one have to do with Cassette player beside changing battery. That is to have regular cleaning of the magnetic head. Often the magnetic head are hard to reach even with a swap as the area have little allowance. This Sony Walkman however ofter a wide open area that you can easily reached to apply some strength to clean the magnetic head.

There was also a special cassette tape which demagnetize the magnetic head to ensure better sound quality.

Today this Walkman retire in my collection as this was a reward by my late father after my examination. I have fond memories of the songs that I listen with this Walkman. :)