Mos Burger NETS Thumbdrive Review

From 4th November to 17th November if you pay more than SGD$15 using NETS, you will get a free Mos Burger Limited Edition Thumb Drive.

Like you I didn't actually know about the promotion till I pop by Mos Burger for lunch. There I saw the poster and I am sold to get one to try.
Since it is a limited edition, NETS and Mos Burger actually package it presentable with a metal can with see through panel on the top cover.

They even put in sponge form to hold the thumb drive or some called it Jump drive in place. Mos Burger logo was on top of the burger.

Out of the box, the burger look cute with the layering of the ingredients of Mos Burger.

At the bottom of the Burger. there was another printing of NETS a better way to pay.

Although on photo this Burger Thumbdrive look squeezable, there is no such feature as the drive is a complete solid mold.

Regardless of the design of the burger look cute, the design limit the user usage when inserting area of the PC or laptop. The height of the thumbdrive put many off.

The question I had in mind when I was getting this thumb drive was the total capacity of this limited edition thumb drive.

I test it out and the total space is 1.85GB. I was expecting more like 4GB.

If you want to get the same thumb drive, visit Mos Burgers and spend more than SGD$15 from now till 17th November 2013.