More Baggage space, More GST Payment

On Friday 14th of November the news of SIA increasing free baggage allowance by 10kg on all classes.

Economy class passengers has increase from 20Kg to 30kg, Business class from 30kg to 40Kg and the first class passengers from 40kg to 50kg. It was a good news for Singaporeans which mean can buy more stuff back. All we need to worry is how to buy a bigger luggage and how to squeeze those stuff in.

Just a day later on 15th of November, another news from Singapore authorities for those returning to Singapore after their overseas trips to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) on their overseas purchases. Which mean now if you go overseas, you have to declare. If you only away from Singapore for less than 48 hours, you have rebate of SGD $150 and if you stay away for more than 48 hours, you have a rebate of SGD$600. So far all this apply to goods that you are bring back to Singapore.

I know many ladies would be greatly sadden as they have to think twice to buy back their luxury handbags or other products. I feel your pain as even most stuff selling overseas at some countries like HongKong, Japan and even US are cheaper than getting in local. To think Singapore is a free port yet we are paying premium for many things.

I am not sure if Singapore is the only country that implement this rule for return home citizens for their own luggage goods from oversea.

For this two news that happen one followed by the other sound like a coincidence?

What do you think?