Interesting Candies at SOPHiSCA Singapore

I changed a upon an interesting shop in Singapore called SOPHiSCA.

Apparently the outlet at Jurong Point Singapore has something interesting concept that if you did not pay attention may pass out to be some other product that is not Candies. Here are some of them.

Need a first aid tape to bind your small cuts? Don't be deceived, this is a candy.

Need some Chinese Medication? This is a candy too.

Need some cream to comfort you by rubbing it on your chest? Wait! This is a candy too.

Need to buy some pad? These are candies too that has the Pad design...

Different packaging as different favor... I have mixed feeling for anyone trying to take this...

This may look like breast enhancer medication but it is just candy too.

From a distance this look like a box of Condom but this is too a Candy in Chocolate favor.  

There are Strawberry too just like condom...

Even the candy itself are in condom design and packaging. 

I think these shop product are interesting for Adults but for sure these candies are not for children.

Do you like these creative products?