Bank Promotion SMS went Bad

Just this afternoon at my lunch hour, I received an unrequested SMS on my phone.It was one of those number that I have not subscribe from 76060.

Guess what it was a local bank promotion whom wanted their customer to update their email address via iBanking. It was said the first 300 will get a SGD$50 cash. Good deal? Sound like it but the promotion end at 30 September. Strange...I got this on 15th November?

I had a good laugh that some marketing made such mistake. It was bad that such unrequested SMS sent to me but what worst it further confirm as SPAM as sending outdated messages.

Hours later they noticed their mistake and now bracing their embarrassment to send yet another unrequested message to me.

This time it was 31 December where the promotion end.

You only have one chance to make the first impression dude. Remember that!