The New Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo has cleverly strike back with a cheaper console with what most consumers want. A cheaper console just in time with their most popular franchise since the GameBoy era, Pokemon.

The new 2DS are more kids friendly as it offer more stability for buttons grip and hands placement. Compare to 3DS, 2DS is more resilient to drop test as it is just one piece console design.

Technical specs wise 2DS has all of the features of a normal 3DS such as screen size, battery life, camera and Wi-Fi. It even comes with a 4GB memory like 3DS XL.

The only thing that is missing is the 3D visual option of which 3DS offer and it is not as compact for storage like 3DS as it cannot be fold. However it should fit in bags well and it has official dust cover that offer cushion and away from dust and water.

2DS promise to play all titles of  3DS and future release which is quite assuring.

I foresee some sales going up for this console especially with the Pokemon X and Y that parents would get this console for Christmas.

However Nintendo would need more strong titles and game quality to counter the growing mobile gaming. That we hope to see.