Are we weekend Parents?

Our average working day begin in the early morning setting out to work and coming home as the sky turned dark again. The time with my child is just average of 3 hours a day to enjoy and communicate before he went to bed. Only on the weekend would I have the 2 full days with him.

If I were busy in the weekdays with other activities and came home late while my child was already asleep. That would mean I had zero communication to know how he was doing that day. The thought of not having an hour with him really make me lousy.

If we had not even spend good time with our children on weekdays, ain't we just weekend parents then? 

I often wonder the parents in this generation who need to work earn a living, is it fair to have a child? Regardless there are in Childcare, nanny, grandparrents or even with a domestic helper at home, is that fair to the children?

The issue of low birthrate may not because of not enough money but more like not enough time to share our life with.