Nutella & GO! is in Singapore!

It has been sometime I had Nutella and recently it just release a new packaging as Nutella & GO!

 I remember my first nutella it was not on a bread nor on a biscuit. It was in a small square pack that comes with a scope. It was quite cheap then to get it from some neighborhood snack shop.

This is not something new as there are many snack that offers with biscuit sticks (less than 10 sticks) to dip into the thick Nutella to consume. Nutella was good but somehow the biscuits fall short of the standard of my expectation.

The biscuit stick were rather hollow and dry to liking. Anyway the biscuit is just an excuse for me to consume the nutella. On the whole juding from the pricing (2 for SGD $6.20), I think it would be better to buy a jar of Nutella and get your choice of biscuit.

However as this package is GO! then maybe it is just for anyone who is busy to grab on Nutella and Go!

Remember this is a snack and it is not suppose for you to consume it as a full meal.


Natasha Ting said…
i prefer preparing meals with nutella than simply applying them on bread or biscuit. it's way too sweet for me, haha!

wanlin said…
Hi, may I know where you get this from in singapore? Thank you!
LEon said…
I got this at Watson 2 months back.