Study for demands of the Job Market

In the world we live in, it is important to have paper qualification in order to get a good paying job. That was a ideal statement that may not be 100% true.

In today world, we spent almost 1/4 or 2/5 of our live in education but what is the purpose of studying? What if you do not like what you study or after you have completed your education or the worst case scenario, the demand is not there? What will happen to the years of your study?

You notice I did not mention the finances part of the matter for education as  the time one devote to it is more precise than momentary valve. 

Now many chose their subjects they major in depending on the forecast of the Job Market demand. Here is what is wrong and at risk if one do so.

What is hot in Job Market?

In the 1980s, Electronic was a hot subject and in the 1990s was the IT. In the 2000s some projected the market will be in life science and now in 2012, what happen to these market now? Are they still in demand?

That is the risk you take when you choose to study a hot subject and following the market trend. Now the sad part is your education would take at least 3 to 5 years to get a degree certification and 3 to 5 years is a long time for the economy to shift and market demand and before you know it, it maybe a sunset industry.

Imagine the number of people who shared your thinking to have the same qualification to land themselves in a good paying and steady job. If that economy or demand goes off, you have to compete with these numbers of people to take the limited job and the lowest wages to get the job.

So what if the market is there? Can you be the cream of the crops of those number to compete among each other for the same job? That will fact in the over supply because of the large influx of fresh professional in this field. By then you are just on of many with such qualification and you are merely catching up rather than standing out.

If one would have study for the knowledge and the interest more than the projected market demand, likelihood of such individual would have saved a lot of heartaches and excel in their profession as the passion and genuine interest is there.


Twilight Man said…
Well said, paper qualifications are a must esp in the West.

However, in Malaysia, the ability to speak perfect English is rare nowadays, therefore they get preferred choice positions.

In Thailand, it is funny...It is "Who you know or How well connected you are" that gets you hired even without papers.
LEon said…
Not only in Thailand but all the more in China too!