Smarter Device Smarter You?

Some day ago, I saw this sticker on a local newspaper. It was Smart TV ad by Samsung and it said "Smart TV, make me smarter".

This advertisement statement make me think and I think it may not necessary to be true. In fact, the opposite could be true.

Have Smarter device that think for you make you more stupid less smarter.

Just to name an example will be auto spell function. We have been getting better writing in reports and assignments but is the writer really that smart as he/she seems? Most of the time as auto spell check for us and automatic replace the correct spelling, we do not really bother to learn from that mistake as we know the same devices will do the same correction from me the next time.

If you still do not agree with me, grab a pen and paper and start writing and you will be surprised to see  how many spelling and grammar mistakes you will make. If you still deny, it could be you are ignorant of you making such grammar and spelling mistake in the first place.  As languages concern, you have to read and write to prefect it.

The same goes to calculation as well. Can you do a some simple calculation with in your mind and not using a calculator?

Having a Smarter device is good but do not put too much dependance on it as doing so will not make you smarter.