A Fly in Men's toilet cubicle?

Recently I visited Changi Airport and I encounter a interesting incident at the Men's room.

Yes it seems like a fly in a clean toilet cubicle. On the second look, I notice it was not the real fly but a design. Why on earth will there put a fly design there?

Well it's actually a ingenious way for men to "Stay on target" when they are "releasing" themselves (I know I did). As it's a common scenario that it was always wet at men cubicle due to poor aiming. Most of these cases could be intentionally anyway.

See how a simple design can reduce such incident? Yes it's so interesting that I took a picture of it. By the way, thumbs up for the clean standard of toilet by the staff of Changi Airport.


MOCK! said…
Three random thoughts:

1) I have seen a few versions of this in real life and never made the connection that it was a target!

2) I am wondering if there was anyone else in the restroom watching you whip out your camera...

3) Your phrase "Stay On Target" is the name of my blog and now if it is Googled, it will be tied to the words "men's room" and "toilet"!
LEon said…
You mean you saw somewhere over at your area have similar concept? Cool!
Actually the cleaner which was at the men room was wondering if I am talking the photo to make a complain as he gave a worry look. LOL

Disclaimer: I didn't choose the phase "Stay on target" in anyway to pull your blog toward "toilet/men's room". :)