Facebook Phishing on email

Phishing is not something new but it is something quite worrying if one is not well equip with the knowledge to know how to prevent themselves for falling into one.

I just received a Phished email taking the identity of facebook friend notification. If it is found on my facebook email account then I would have fallen into it but this one happen to my none facebook email that got me on second look.

Just look at the screen capture below.

Everything look in order especially when the profile photo was an attractive woman with inviting messages. Luckily I had a habit to see the url before I click and the lower left hand corner of my browser. You can see it is not directed to facebook but some other url location. That is Phishing.

I am not adventurous to take the risk to click it but rather delete the email straight away and I think it is good to share with my readers such scam.

So friends and readers, please be alert.


khengsiong said…
I usually will log on to FB, and click the Message link. I think this is safer.
LEon said…
That's one good prevention. :)