There's no place like Home

If you have read or seen the movie "The Wizard of OZ", you may find this phase "There is no place like home" familiar. It was one of the magic word that Dorothy utter when she wear the magical shoes to return to her home from OZ.

As I was traveling up the escalator, I notice the legs of the little gal sticking out that kinda remind me of Oz. Although these was black shoes instead of Red. However I felt the feel was there. So quicky snapped a shot.

It is wonderful to have some love one to carry you home end of a tiring day. Such is a father love.


Twilight said…
Yes lovely photo with beautiful moment captured! I miss my childhood when my dad carried me.
khengsiong said…
I know the phrase, but I didn't it has anything to do with Wizard of Oz.