Sony Ericsson PSP Android Phone?

Is this news too good to be true? Sony Ericsson + PSP + Android phone! Let's see...

Sony Ericsson which is generally good in camera phone (I used to follow 4 mobile phone of them), Checked
PSP type of Gaming. (I am still playing my PSP 1006 which is over 5 years old) Checked.
Android OS (I am still digging Android as I am using HTC Hero now because Sony Ericsson was too late to know what people wanted). Checked.

So these could be a good reason for me to get phone. Wait...I need more specs details.
The phone is also reported to have a 1-GHz Qualcomm processor, 512 MB of RAM and 1 GB of ROM. Sound good enough for me.

The phone takes microSD cards and not memory sticks or UMD (That should be the way as memory sticks are always more costly and microSD more conventional).

But seriously, will you use your phone just to play games which drain much battries? Even when I am using my android phone to surf net I have already use up much of my batteries. It would be a challenge to use it as a gaming machine.

My other concern is the Android version running on this devices. Will they be any performance issue? Will they be upgrade of Android OS over the air?

If this can preform better than my current old HTC Hero and come with a better camera that reason itself already a good pull factor for me. I guess I have to wait and see if this piece of news is true.