Goodbye Windows Live Spaces

There are some great changes again in Blogosphere. Windows Live Spaces is coming to an end.

Starting the end of September, 2010 Windows Live Space owners are given the opportunity to upgrade their blog by migrating it to All content are made easy for downloading by Windows. The choice however is with the bloggers.

Coming 4th of January 2011, owner will no longer able to make changes of their blog and by 16th March 2011, Windows Live Spaces will close for good.

I used to have a blog on Windows Live Spaces myself but I closed it due to lack of customizing and running some ads. The traffic was quite good though and there was a point of time I received many spamming comments and I have a hard time to keep track and finally I disable comment option.

Between Wordpress and Blogspot, I chose Blogspot and I am happy to this day.

It is good to close it down if they no longer provide much for the bloggers. It has been a good run though Windows Live Spaces.


khengsiong said…
Windows Live Space isn't so common, I think...
LEon said…
Now not so common but years back was quite hot. Many chinese readers there since google was being block by China. :)