Solution to Vibration for Handcent on Android

Sometime ago, I upgraded my android phone upgraded from 1.5 to 2.1. Ever since then, my Handcent application and other messaging application no longer vibrate whenever a SMS came in.

Finally I found a work around, Sound Manager. This application enable you to switch instantly to ring mode, vibration, or mute. Because it exposes the sound & volume controls of the android phone, you can now change the vibrating setting and now whenever SMS came in, it will vibrate using handcent.

You can find this Sound Manager application FREE on Android market. If you find this information useful. Drop a comment. ")


khengsiong said…
I wish I can buy a smart phone. But now I my first get a new PC. So I guess I have to wait until next year for a new phone.
LEon said…
Don't Worry Khengsiong, take your time because smart phone is here to stay. Plus new stuff coming out everyday so it quite hard to get up to date. Like me, I got a HTC hero which is slower than most smartphone in term of processor but it served my purpose. Will only upgrade that when the need arrive. :)

Main feature of the smartphone must also be backed up good data network too. So wait for it to mature.