Give up your Seat!?

If you have been taking SMRT in Singapore, you will be hearing a woman group singing to remind and encourage passengers to stand in line, give way to alighting passengers when the train is arriving. In short, Dim Sum Dollies are promote gracious behaviour on public transport by singing.

Beside singing, their photos are pasted in MRT too. This is one of them to remind passenger to give up seat to those who need it more.

In this case, they remind you to "Give up your seat"...but what seat are they talking about?

or maybe someone have really given up the seat. See, no seat. LOL

If you are wondering who is Dim Sum Dollies, you can read more about them here.


Twilight said…
Looks like no place in Asia has 100% civic minded passengers. In the West, they are much polite and considerate. Try coming to KL or HKG. OMG!
LEon said…
What about Japan? there have just a female section of the train for them...