Share your Meal Singapore

From 21 Aug - 27 Aug 2010, each time you email a picture of a meal, City Developments Limited will donate SGD $3 to the poor.

This article in Singapore's Today newspaper I received via an email from a friend.

Based on an idea from a US shareURmeal model, the money comes from City Developments Limited and goes to Touch Community Services's food distribution programs.

Send your pictures to: to start helping. They are targeting to get 1000 photos for a start.

Visit for more details.

So spread the news and help fellow Singaporeans who are in need and may God bless the givers.


khengsiong said…
Any picture of meal of do???
khengsiong said…
I tried to visit, but the link is broken.
LEon said…
yes any picture of your meal. The complete link is It is working as I just checked.
Twilight said…
I will be rich if I move to S'pore! LOL... Maybe I should supply you all the photos and you pay me 50%. Good deal?
LEon said…
Twilight you are more rich than most of us as you get to travel around. LOL