Will you be watching any Youth Olympic Games competition?

Channel News Asia have conducted a survey on their website regarding the coming Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.

The poll question of "Will you be watching any Youth Olympic Games competition?"

With choices like
A. Yes, I'll be at most competition venues to catch the action live
B. Yes, I'll watch selective games in person
C. Yes, if any Singapore athlete enters the finals
D. Yes, I'll catch the action only on TV
E. I'm not interested at all
F. What's YOG about?

The results was unbelievable!

* Screen capture from http://www.channelnewsasia.com/polls/index.php?id=494&ranid=3134

A total of 90% of the surveyor which is 3483 individual voted "I'm not interested at all"!

Is this the reflection of the event on ground level?

Singapore have pretty make adjustment to YOG such as going to the extend to allocate the second-leftmost lane on affected routes will be designated as the YOG Lane for official vehicle. That move itself have another survey for the road users. 54% of the road user feedback they will give way to official vehicle while 28% voted No and the remainder 18% were unaware there was such allocation.

Nonetheless, let's hope the YOG will be a success.