Showing Fans Thumbnail on Facebook Like Widget a good thing?

If you have been visiting some blog, you would see a common site of Facebook Like Widget (used to be called Facebook Fan Page) for that blog or website.

If you happen to "Like" those sites, it is very likely that your facebook profile picture as a thumbnail and your name will be displayed on the site randomly. When anyone click on that profile, your PUBLIC profile will be display on a new page.

While showing the massive fans or people who like the website a good thing for the blogger or web master, that somehow also prevent people who enjoy privacy to join in.

In short, having a display thumbnail of those who like your blog on facebook a good thing? What do you think? Does that prevent you to "like" a page?


khengsiong said…
I guess the FB like widget helps to get more readers to your blog. After all, almost everybody is on FB these days.